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At Startx, we understand that running a business is not easy. We believe in making things simpler, more efficient, and accessible for business owners like you. Our AI-powered solutions are designed to empower you, whether you're a startup founder or an experienced entrepreneur.

Empowering Business with Innovative Payment Solutions


This versatile payment platform streamlines financial transactions, making it easier for businesses to manage payments and enhance financial efficiency. It ensures customer satisfaction by simplifying the payment process.

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Fund Transfer

Track materials and stock for outsourced purchase orders

Virtual Account

Track materials and stock for outsourced purchase orders

Bill Payments

Track materials and stock for outsourced purchase orders


Track materials and stock for outsourced purchase orders



Our innovative AI chatbot bridges the gap between complex data analysis and intuitive communication. It empowers business leaders and decision-makers to engage in natural conversations with their data, leading to data-driven decision-making and business growth.

We've furnished a comprehensive API that enables you to link your data with our system seamlessly.

A cutting-edge Bot that combines the power of natural language processing and data analytics to provide a seamless, human-like conversational experience with your business data.
A customer loyalty and referral platform


Boovent is a customer loyalty and referral platform designed to disrupt conventional approaches to boosting business transactions. It does this by offering rewards to your customers who refer others or make more transactions.

  • Customer Incentives
  • Word-of-Mouth Marketing
  • Customer Retention
  • Gamification

Empowering Businesses through
Software Development and Hosting

You have the opportunity to join the multitude of businesses that engage our services for their software development and hosting needs.

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